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Founded in 2019, PerilMD is no stranger to the intricacies of perfect roofing. Our excellent work ethic, customer services, and flawless results have customers recommending us and vouching for our expertise. We have since expanded our reach across the greater parts of Georgia and Alabama.

We now work on a wide variety of roofing damage problems, including hail, storm, wind, and tornado damage. We also provide roofing replacement services for roofs severely impacted by harsh weather conditions. Our storm damage repair services are also available for different types of roofs, including residential roofing, commercial roofing, and many others.

Our office is located in Columbus, GA, and some of our services cover Macon, GA, Alexander City, AL, Montgomery, AL, Dothan, AL, Smiths Station, AL, Seale, AL, Opelika, AL, Salem, AL, Ft. Mitchell, AL, Phenix City, AL, Fortson, GA, Midland, GA, Auburn AL, among many other repair areas throughout Georgia and Alabama.

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Why choose PerilMD

At PerilMD, we believe that every home deserves a good roof strong enough to withstand whatever the weather elements throw at it. Our contractors are selected to accurately emulate our values for top-quality roofing with only the best materials and resources. You can never go wrong with PerilMD! Our company philosophy covers:

  • Beautiful and respectable roofing solutions
  • Durable roofing to withstand the worst Georgia/Alabama weather
  • Long-lasting roofing solutions that serve you for years

Our tagline reads “Your Lifeline for Property Damage.” this accurately captures our dedication to being your #1 solution provider for roofing problems no matter the extent of the damage done by storms, winds, tornadoes, etc.

Our vision is to see that all homeowners in the greater Georgia and Alabama area have access to excellent roofing and emergency roofing damage repairs quickly and easily. Our vision is:

  • To give every client flawless roof damage results every time
  • To provide prompt restoration deliveries to Georgia and Alabama residents
  • To become the top roofing repair company in the Greater Alabama and Georgia area

We are committed to providing you with impeccable roofing repair services using top-quality materials at pocket-friendly prices. We have worked on over 100 projects, served over 200 customers, and garnered nearly a dozen awards showing our prowess at the work we do. Our mission is to:

  • Always deliver top-quality products with the best materials
  • Work with highly trained professionals
  • Put the client’s roofing needs above all else
Our Services

We Provide A Wide Range of Roofing Services

Roofing done right the first time requires professionals who are dedicated to their craft and their customer’s needs. PerilMD only works with the best roofers who understand the importance of our work – we provide a wide range of roofing services including hail damage repair, wind damage repair, storm damage repair, and hurricane damage repair. 

We also offer tornado damage repair services as well as insurance claim assistance and insurance-backed roof replacements. No matter what it is that your roof needs post-storm damage, PerilMD has got you covered!

Our Locations

We Are Available in Georgia and Alabama

We are available to salvage roofs in Georgia and Alabama. In Georgia, our service areas include Columbus, Midland, Fortson, and Macon. Our Alabama service areas are Auburn, Phenix, Ft. Mitchell, Salem, Seale, Smiths Station, Dothan, Montgomery, and Alexander City. As long as you’re in the area, you can access our top-quality roofing repair services.


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