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Qualified Workers

High-qualified and trained roofers with years of experience tackling various kinds of roof damage. Our workers are qualified to handle all roofing repairs and offer excellent professional service.

Work Experience

Our professional roofing contractors have years of experience, which gives them an added advantage in providing quick and efficient roofing solutions. You're definitely in the safest hands.

Affordable Prices

At PerilMD, we don’t believe in having to break the bank to have a beautiful and durable roof over your head. We offer excellent and quality service at affordable prices.

Licensed & Insured

PerilMD is adequately licensed and insured to offer our services and products! The result of which is the best roof repair that lasts for years to come while raising the value of your home.

24x7 Emergency

No matter when the storm hits, come rain, come heavy winds, PerilMD will be there to help you fix the damage done to your roof. We offer 24/7 emergency roof damage repairs in Georgia and Alabama.


Explore Our Roofing Services

We provide affordable and durable roof repair and replacement solutions with the best quality materials and highly qualified experts.

Hail Damage Repair

With the relatively frequent occurrence of hail damage in Georgia and Texas, it has become necessary to have access to proper roof hail damage repair services in Georgia and Alabama. After being in business for so long, we not only know how to repair your roof, but our expert roofers also know how to tell when your roof is beyond repair.

There are many signs that show hail damage, including dented shingles, cracked shingles, and leaks. We offer free roof hail damage inspections, after which our hail damage contractors will work on delivering your perfect roof in no time.

Wind Damage Repair

Alabama and Georgia are one of the windiest states, meaning your roof is more prone to wind damage than you might think. The wind can do a lot of damage to roofs, more than people give it credit for. 

If your roof has suffered some damage due to heavy wind, our professional wind damage experts are fully prepared to restore your roof and your home to pristine glory.

Storm Damage Repair

Without warning, nature can quickly take a violent turn, and storms could hit‌! These often leave your roofs torn up and damaged, effectively turning things upside-down. 

While the aftermath of a storm can be devastating, PerilMD is fully equipped with the training and expertise required to handle whatever havoc a storm has wreaked on your roof.

Insurance Claims Specialist Services

PerilMD specializes in weather-related damage repair and replacements. However, we also know that hail, wind, and storm damage qualify as an insurance loss, and as such, most insurance companies will cover the repair cost, less the deductible. 

We believe you deserve an advocate who will efficiently file your insurance claims and ensure that you get the financial backing you deserve.

Tornado Damage Repair

Alabama and Georgia are notoriously part of Tornado Alley, leaving you and your roof prone to more tornado damage than you’d like. As an Alabama and Georgia roof repair contractor, it is our job at PerilMD to ensure that you and your family stay protected and safe with a strong roof over your heads. 

No matter the extent of the tornado’s damage to your roof, you are only one call away from a fully restored roof.

Hurricane Damage Repair

Although Alabama only has a small stretch of coastline, it is still a popular hotspot for hurricanes. Georgia also sees its fair share of hurricanes, making it a priority to have access to professional hurricane damage repair contractors. 

Our roof damage experts are highly trained in salvaging damaged roofs and restoring them – you have nothing to worry about as PerilMD has your roofing needs covered.

Roof Replacement Through Insurance

Our greatest pride is that we assess not only damaged roofs for repair, but we can also tell when it’s time to overhaul a roof and start over.

With the help of our insurance claim specialists, we can help you get a new, beautiful, and durable roof that will stand the taste of time.

Looking For A Fast and Reliable Roofing Contractor?

Look no further than PerilMD. We offer the best roofing results for hail, wind, storm, tornado, and hurricane damage and affordable roofing solutions you can trust. Contact us right away to get started.