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Here's Why We're The Best Insurance Claims Specialists in Georgia and Alabama

PerilMD aims to be your lifeline for property damage. This also means that we are significantly invested in helping you access the proper financial aid for your roof repair services. Damage due to weather elements is unprecedented and qualified as an insurance loss. As such, many insurance companies allow you to include the repair cost of weather damage to your insurance plans, less the deductibles. 

Despite it being a requirement, it can be extremely tedious for homeowners to get access to that financial aid. PerilMD helps to take some of that burden off you by providing you with qualified insurance claim specialists who will help you file your insurance claims and advocate for proper financial options that best suit your situation.



Work With The Best Insurance Claims Specialists in Georgia

01.Contact Us

To get started on your roof repair, contact us and let us know of your roof damage - hail, storm, wind, etc. We have a responsive and customer-focused customer service team, ready to help you access our roofing professionals.

02.Free Inspection

All good repairs begin with a thorough inspection and assessment of the damage done so far. Our professional roof contractors will promptly arrive at your location and inspect the extent of the damage.

03.Insurance Claim Assistance

We will connect you to our best insurance claim specialists who will help you file your insurance claim and ensure that you get the best financing option from your insurance company.


Need an Insurance Claims Specialist? We Can Help!

Has your roof been damaged by bad weather? Whether it was a storm, strong winds, a hurricane, or a tornado, we can help you access the best financing options with your insurance company. Contact our insurance claims specialists now!


FAQs About Our Insurance Claims Specialist Services In Georgia and Alabama

Most insurance companies cover the cost of insured repairs less the deductible. There is no legal way to avoid paying your deductibles. Doing so would be insurance fraud which PerilMD does not ever intend to be associated with.

Yes, our replacement roofs are insured. Our insurance claim specialists will advocate for your insurance rights and help you access sufficient insurance options.

If your insurance company withholds some money, it could be because they would prefer that you start getting the work done first. Giving people the money upfront may mean that they never get around to doing the stipulated repairs.

Another reason your insurance company may hold some money back is that they intend to make sure you pay your full deductible instead of finding a contractor that would do the job for the amount already given.

Yes. Most insurance companies will first give you a check for the Actual Value (the roof’s current worth with whatever value it has left). The money withheld is called the Replacement Value (the depreciation) which will be paid when the replacement project is completed or when you submit a signed contract with any licensed contractor like PerilMD.

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